New First Aid Units

New First Aid Units

Just like when you go for a refreshing swim between the flags, the First Aid Course Units have had a refreshing change and are looking better than ever.

New First Aid Units will be in effect from 1 July 2021

The ALA is currently updating and validating the learning resources, the new courses will be offered from 1 July 2021.

Why are the units changing?

Feedback from peak associations, employers, and training providers indicated a need to improve the quality and consistency of first aid training, as a result, the HLT Health Training Package has been updated with changes related to the delivery and assessment of first aid training.

These changes will:

  • Better reflect industry best practices and current regulation
  • Ensure the scope and content are reflective of industry expectations
  • Address the role of mental health support in the provision of First Aid

Which units are changing?


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Recognition of the superseded course names and units will remain. The validity of your qualification will remain fully recognised for its full, intended duration, (until it expires or you are required to take a refresher).