First Aid Audit and Restocking

First Aid Kit, First Aid Room & AED/Defibrillator Audits/Restocking

Surf Life Saving Services (SLSS) is committed to workplace safety onsite and in the office. Our qualified staff can conduct a full audit of your First Aid Kits and AED’s, and regularly re-stock items as required. This service ensures that your First Aid Kits are replenished and ready for use when needed.

SLSS can customise a restocking schedule to meet the needs of your workplace. This may range from quarterly visits for large workplaces to six monthly or annual visits for smaller workplaces. First Aid Kit Audits

A SLSS representative will come onsite to your workplace and perform the following:

• Clean first aid kit containers;
• Examine the integrity of the items in the first aid kits;
• Check the expiry date of pharmaceutical items;
• Replenish the content to an agreed list, or to meet WHS Act regulations and first aid risk assessment recommendations;
• Remove waste; and
• Place a service label on the kit.

Alternatively, your workplace First Aid Officer can complete an order form and email back to SLSS. SLSS will then post the restocking items to your workplace and your First Aid Officer can replace the items in the First Aid Kits.

Maintenance on AED’s

AED maintenance checks will involve a SLSS representative coming onsite to check the following:

• Conduct scheduled and preventative maintenance checks according to the manufacturer’s recommendations;
• Verify placement of AED’s (i.e. it is located where is should be);
• Verify battery installation and expiration; • Verify AED pads installation and expiration; • Check the status/service indicator light; • Inspect exterior components and sockets for cracks or other damage; • Check for used and missing items in the kit (e.g. razor, barrier device, scissors, disposable gloves) and replenish as required;
• Examine the integrity of items in the AED kit; and
• Check the expiry date of pharmaceutical items.
• Place a service label on the kit.

First Aid Room Fit Out & Audits

SLSS can also supply and set up all the required equipment for a full First Aid room fit out. Once your workplace First Aid room has been set up a SLSS representative can return to your workplace and audit your workplace First Aid Room when required.

Please contact us 1300 766 257 for further information and pricing.