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Surf Life Saving Services is a registered training organization that delivers first aid and emergency response training across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

As part of our state’s peak water safety and rescue organisation, our focus is clear. We are committed to teaching every Australian how to keep themselves and their family and colleagues safe.

Our team of professional trainers empowers people with vital life-saving skills. We offer a dynamic, interactive training experience, supported by the latest in first aid technology. And as a not-for-profit organisation, all revenue goes toward funding our work to keep beaches safe. Book a first aid course with us and support the surf lifesaving movement.

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Empowering people with quality first aid training

What if somebody at your workplace collapsed? Or your child stopped breathing? Would you know what to do?

Surf Life Saving Services offers practical first aid training to equip you for emergency situations. Our accredited trainers bring technical expertise and a wealth of real-life first aid experience.

We also believe first aid training should be an inspiring, hands-on experience. And more importantly, teach you techniques that you will remember and apply for years to come.

We use a variety of methods such as class participation, group discussion, scenarios, workbook exercises, and interactive games to empower people with first aid and emergency response skills.