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Outdoor Module First Aid Kit

Outdoor Module First Aid Kit


    Product Description

    • Compact outdoor module packed into a neat soft case.
    • It contains the essential contents for effectively treating common outdoor injuries such as snake bites.

    Intended Purpose: A convenient collection of equipment and materials for the rapid, initial treatment of an injury. Health Warning: Always read the label and follow the Directions for use.


    Kit Contents
    • 1 X Cold Pack, Instant, Standard
    • 2 X Crepe Bandage, Heavy Weight, 10cm, Brown
    • 3 X Antiseptic Cream, 1g Sachet
    • 1 X Snake ‘N’ Spider Bite Information Booklet. Fold-Out A5 Size First Aid Basics


    Dimensions (MM)

    100 (W) X 150 (H) X 60 (D)