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RapidStop Training Tourniquet

RapidStop Training Tourniquet


    Product Description

    Fast and easy single-handed self-application are paramount to a tourniquet’s effectiveness in any environment. RapidStop stands out from the competition as one of the few tourniquets that exceed these life-saving requirements utilising key patented and proprietary technologies. The tourniquet’s band is made from high-strength nylon webbing rated to a two-ton breaking point. RapidStop has constructed the tourniquet to endure extreme temperatures and resist any corrosion, ensuring it stands true in the toughest of conditions. Clear instructions enable an untrained user to apply the tourniquet with speed and reliability. Integrated instructions on the RapidStop Tourniquet are stitched on as weather-resistant waterproof vinyl tags. Pocket-sized instruction cards make learning and becoming familiar with the RapidStop easy.



    Limb Circumference - 17.8cm to 83.8cm (7” to 33”)


    127.6g (4.5oz)