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Trek Oxy-Rescue Medic Kit Soft Case

Trek Oxy-Rescue Medic Kit Soft Case


    Product Description

    • The Trek Oxy-Resus Advantage is an intermediate Emergency Oxygen Resuscitation Kit.
    • Ideal kit for mid-range Oxygen Emergency at any work location.
    • Compact heavy-duty grab ‘n’ run bag with reflective tape and fluoro markings for easy identification.
    • Multiple compartments for organised storage and easy location for contents in an emergency.
    • This kit will carry an Australian 400L-470L ‘C’ & 1900L ‘D’ size oxygen cylinder.


    Kit Contents
    • 1 X Oxygen Deluxe Bag - Red
    • 3 X Adult Oxygen Simple (Therapy) Mask With 2m Tubing
    • 1 X Trek Vitamask Disposable Hand Resuscitator, Adult Size, Gst Free
    • 3 X Child Oxygen Simple (Therapy) Mask With 2m Tubing
    • 1 X CPR Mask, Pocket Size In Plastic Clam Shell Case With Oxygen Port, Adult Size, Invert For Paediatric /Child Size
    • 1 X Guedel Airways No.1 (7cm)
    • 1 X Guedel Airways No.2 (8cm)
    • 1 X Guedel Airways No.3 (9cm)
    • 1 X Guedel Airways No.4 (10cm)
    • 1 X Guedel Airways No.5 (11cm)
    • 1 X Oxygen Powered Suction Unit
    • 1 X Oxygen Regulator 1-25lpm, Double Outlet


    Dimensions (MM)

    710 (W) X 340 (H) X 250 (D)