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Little Anne QCPR 4-pack Kit

Little Anne QCPR 4-pack Kit


    Product Description

    Little Anne® QCPR

    Little Anne will now come with feedback technology to help you improve CPR quality, training efficiency and learner engagement. Now enabled with a module connecting to tablets, phones and / or SkillGuide providing QCPR Feedback.

    Little Anne QCPR delivers feedback on key parameters of quality CPR using free apps for smartphones and tablets, including the QCPR Instructor App for multiple student monitoring, QCPR Learner App for students to monitor their own performance, and QCPR Classroom app for monitoring large groups. The SkillGuide with Extension Cable (sold separately) provides a tethered feedback option, and can be used by itself or as a supplement to the apps.

    QCPR technology includes:
    - feedback on compression depth and rate, recoil, and ventilations
    - post-event debrief, including score, overall performance summary, and tip for improvement

    Little Anne QCPR helps improve CPR training quality and efficiency, while creating a fun and engaging element for students with a QCPR Race feature.

    Upgrade existing Little Anne manikins in minutes with the Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit.

    Little Anne® QCPR is still the same durable, lightweight manikin as the original Little Anne, but now includes QCPR technology that provides:
    - Real-time feedback on compressions and ventilations
    - A summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion
    - Details on compression release, depth and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilations/cycles

    Little Anne QCPR Instructor App For instructors to monitor multiple students

    Little Anne QCPR Learner App For students to monitor their own performance


    Kit Contents
    • 4 X Manikins
    • 4 X Additional Manikin Faces
    • 4 X Additional Airways
    • 24 X Manikin Wipes
    • 4 X Jackets for Manikins
    • 4 x Training Mats
    • 1x Airway complete LA
    • 4x SkillGuide
    • Soft carrying case
    • 8 AA Batteries
    • 4 O-Rings